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This online Learning Network provides members with information and support around Quality Improvement (QI), an evidence-based approach that helps primary care free up time to deliver and evaluate initiatives, and embed new approaches more effectively and efficiently into practice.

QI helps us to make the most of our systems, organisations, talents and expertise to deliver better outcomes for patients.

Members have access to useful resources and case studies as well as opportunities to share learning from their experiences and make useful links with others interested in QI.

Whether you have been undertaking QI work for a while or just want to find out more, this network can support you in your journey and connect you to colleagues across the country who are working in innovative ways.

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This network has been developed as part of the Royal College of General Practice’s Quality Improvement programme, led by two Clinical Lead’s Dr Mike Holmes and Dr Simon Stockill. If you have any questions about the programme please get in touch with the team at

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RCGP responds to Daily Telegraph article criticising the NHS’ handling of COVID-19 pandemic

Contrary to Allison Pearson’s criticism of the NHS for its handling of COVID-19, GPs have certainly not been ‘lazy and doing almost nothing’. GPs and their teams have been working incredibly hard, often at risk to their own health, to ensure patients receive good, safe care throughout the pandemic.

Patients with non-COVID symptoms have not been considered ‘a nuisance’ – far from it. In fact, GPs have been at the forefront of an enormous effort to encourage patients to seek medical advice for non-COVID conditions, for the very reason that, if they don’t, they could become worse or serious illness could be missed.

The pandemic has shown us that working differently can work well and we must learn from this, in the best interests of patients, as opposed to simply reverting back to how things were. This is sensible, not ‘selfish’.

Total triage isn't about never seeing a patient in person again or GPs working from home. It is about offering more flexibility on how consultations are delivered to meet the needs and preferences of patients.